Pirratas Squeak's Vengeance
This interactive player shows a demo of the game as it is currently developed to reflect the real state of the game. The game is subject to several changes as we take decission on the gameplay, technology and look. The game comes without any warranty as it is not a final product, just an interactive version of what the game could become. Right now the game is actively modified and developed in an experimental way, to show what webgl and threejs are capable of. At the current state we do not make any profit of the product.

You are allowed to embed the game player on a website using the following code: <iframe id="gvplayer" title="Game Player" width="800" height="450" src="http://pirratas.com/demo.html"/>

Social media icons designed by Freepik. To get in contact with the developers send and email to contact@pirratas.com or text us in one of our social accounts.